Tuesday, 6 July 2021

What's making that buzz buzz buzzing noise?

Billy with their friend, the artist Pam Smart

It's the sound of Billie the Bilberry Bumble Bee and his friends! Billie has a bright orange tummy and he lives on the moors high above the town. He and his friends like to visit the town to eat the pollen from flowers in our gardens.

But Billie and his friends need our help. Sadly there aren't enough flowers to feed all the bees. We can help by planting lots more flowers and not cutting the grass too much because the wild flowers in the grass have lots of tasty nectar that the bees love.

In July Billie is visiting Buxton and he is going to be living in Potters department store and he'd love it if all the children came to see him!

What's more, lots of Billie's friends will also be in town; you can follow a trail to find them all.  Pick up a bee safari leaflet from the Pump Room, The Crescent,  if you would like to draw or make your own bee you can copy the photo below of Billie with his best friend artist Pam Smart.

While they are here on holiday, Billie and his friends are going to feast on all the orange flowers that the Buxton Fringe and our friends have been planting around the town. Can you spot any of the orange flowers?

We would love to see your drawings and your photos of bumble bees or orange flowers. Ask Mummy or Daddy to post photos and tag us in at @BuxtonFringe and #FriendsofBuxtonStation.


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