Wednesday 20 July 2022

Laid up during the Fringe!

Having avoided it for so long, I have picked up Covid and am - shock horror - confined to barracks unable to continue my usual mad dash round Fringe shows.

This calls for creative thinking. Being a viral kind of thing - well a virus in fact - it seems to hit me in waves so that sometimes things feel quite possible and other times the darkened room beckons. At these times, watching TV is effort (tragic I know…) but listening to a podcast with your eyes shut is rather nice. I’ve now binge-listened all the Fringe podcasts - see - and found them hugely warm, comforting and entertaining. And this afternoon I’m going to check out, the spooky online drama from fringe favourites, The Buxton Drama League. 

Over the next few days I’m going to have a good old pour through our entertaining, informative Reviews - - the next best thing to being there for anything you may have missed. Even though I’m part of Chapel Arts Creative Writing Group, I’m also going to have a proper read of all our contributions for our Reconnecting Fringe shows; the scripts are all available here: I also fancy a Shakespearean bedtime story courtesy of

It’s all a way of staying in touch with what’s going on. Anyone else in the same situation? Any recommendations, besides stop writing this blog and rest up the way you are meant to?

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