Thursday 30 May 2019

Buxton's Broadwood & Remembering Peterloo

At the end of Buxton Fringe 2017 the Broadwood grand piano from the United Reformed Church went off to Shacklefords in Macclesfield for a total overhaul. It was back in time for 2018's Festival. The piano is now in regular use and is being played at a number of events in Fringe40.

First off is Brian Low - a student from the Royal Northern College of Music. On 4th July Brian plays a programme that includes music by Bach, Takemitsu, Ravel and Liszt.

On Sunday, 7th July Eden Walker returns. Another young pianist, Eden was an award-winner last year and he will be playing Bach, Mozart, Scriabin, Busoni and Čiurlionis. 

The following Sunday (14th) we have the Ryeland Trio. Jonathan Ellis plays piano along with Duncan Reid (violin) and Isabel Williamson (cello) in a programme featuring music by Beethoven and Fauré.

Jill Crossland has played on the URC Broadwood twice and for her third visit (Sunday 21st) she is playing Bach, Debussy and Brahms. Her recordings of Bach have earned critical acclaim and we are lucky to have her back.

Something quite different (we imagine!) is Charles Ormrod's show "4Khz is a Chilli." We do know that Charles is something of a whizz in jazz styles. You have three opportunities to find out what exactly Charles means - he plays on 5th, 12th and 17th July.

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On 16 August 1819, in St Peter's Field, Manchester, tens of thousands gathered to protest against the injustice of a parliamentary democracy which saw whole towns unrepresented by an MP. Cavalry were summoned to disperse the crowd. Possibly drunk, certainly ill-disciplined, the cavalry drew swords and cut down unarmed protesters leaving hundreds injured and dead. What became known as the Peterloo Massacre is being remembered across the north-west as the 200th anniversary approaches. Local readers will use Shelley's The Masque of Anarchy - written in the immediate aftermath - as the centrepiece for a commemorative event at The Green Man Gallery on July 20th.

"Rise, like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you:
Ye are many—they are few!"

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Tuesday 28 May 2019

TangleTree - more than just a play

(The following was sent to Buxton Fringe by the production companies behind 'TangleTree'. We are happy to share this. If you have news or stories about your Fringe40 show send  them to: and we'll post them here).

'TangleTree': A Tale of Triumph, Despair, Hope and Love
('TangleTree' opens at the Green Man Gallery on 4th July - open link to see trailer)

'Am I dead?' Hazel asks, as her mother Ivy contemplates the past and an unknown future

A catastrophic event forces the two women to face reality. But what is familiar – where is the thread? Is it in the wool, the yarn? Can it be found in a Pas de Chat? Or does it lie with sleeping dogs?

'TangleTree' will resonate with anyone who has loved and triumphed, raged or even despaired at life's challenges.

This play is inspired by real life experiences , people who have told us their stories.
To them we offer our grateful thanks...
'The acting is brilliant...nuanced interactions evoke a sense of real life unreliability and idiosyncrasy.' (6th Stroud Theatre Festival reviews)

'That is my story.' (Audience member)

'A hard hitting piece of important theatre.' (Audience member)

JDJB and TLBB Productions' play 'TangleTree' is a fictionalised story based on research.
Many people came forward with their stories of survival through brain injury. Stories of despair, hope, bravery and love.
More recently after seeing an item on the BBC about Steve Richards and his mum Ali, we felt we wanted to help raise awareness of Steve, his need for funding  and his continuing journey.
Their story touched our hearts.

Ali says:-
“Nothing can prepare you for a phone call like the one I received on 23rd December 2014.It was to say my son Steve had been found unconscious at 2am on a roadside in Thailand with severe brain injuries…. Over four years later, and battling the odds, we need to raise a total of £5,000 to cover urgently needed specialist physio and hydrotherapy to help Steve to walk again.”
He has fought hard, and can now smile, but Ali his mother waits for the day when she hears her son say “Hello Mum”.

Steve and Ali desperately need your help. They are about halfway to the target of £5,000. If you want to give the link is here:

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Monday 27 May 2019

This Space Could Be Yours!

We are more than happy to use this space to share information about any of the 219 events that make up Buxton Fringe40. Send us your news, pictures or video clips and we’ll do our best to share them. Meanwhile, here’s a bit of detail about some events that might creep under the radar.

The Buxton Museum & Art Gallery has had a major overhaul over the past year or so and now looks more splendid than ever. It is free to go in so there is no reason not to. The Museum is putting on a series of lunchtime talks over the course of the Fringe. Under the heading ‘Meet the Experts’ and starting at 1pm you can hear from:
9 July- Hannah Wallace; Duchess Georgiana’s Servants
10 July - Neil Bettridge; Discovering Franklin: The story of the tragic Victorian explorer
11 July- Lauren Butler; The Housekeepers of Hardwick Hall, 1800-1950
12 July- Adam Bench; Restoring the Octagon at Buxton Pavilion Gardens
16 July- Fiona Clapperton; The Country House At War: Chatsworth 1908-1945
17 July- Richard Tuffrey; Saving Buxton’s Crescent
18 July- Gareth Williams; The Great Tutbury Hoard of 1831
19 July- Joe Perry; The Staffordshire Hoard: Ten Years On.
There must be something there that tickles your fancy.

Image result for The Rotunda Theatre Buxton

Our very good friends at Buxton Film have been screening some of the best films from all around the world for the past 10 years or so. With the help and support of Buxton Cinema and the Opera House screenings take place most Mondays at the Arts Centre. During the Festival period that venue has other uses but during the Fringe Buxton Film has decided to screen at The Rotunda Theatre. Inspired by Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema series, four genre-defining titles are on offer. 

Starting at 10pm each night you can choose to see: 
6th July - The Philadelphia Story - timeless rom-com: 
10th July - That Sinking Feeling - a micro-budget heist movie; 
13th July - 2001: A Space Odyssey - epic sci-fi; 
17th July - The Orphanage, gripping Spanish horror. 
Get your tickets for Rotunda shows before 24 June to take advantage of an 'early bird' offer.

If you want your stories to appear here write to:

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Thursday 23 May 2019

England's Biggest Summer Fringe


Evidently there are Fringe Festivals in Edinburgh and Brighton. Splendid affairs. One of them is in Scotland. The other happens during the spring - Brighton finishes on June 2nd. Apparently that means that the claim to be England's biggest summer fringe is up for grabs. As things stand Buxton is claiming the title. Might not be worth that much, but it will do for us for the time being.

We've been making a bit of a fuss about Buxton Fringe 2019 being #Fringe40 - our 40th event. We also feel proud of the achievement. Buxton is a small town (pop. 22,000 or so) in the hills of Derbyshire - 20 miles from a city. The Buxton Fringe is a registered charity - run by volunteers with an annual budget of £17,000. This year we have 219 different shows or events (probably more actually) and over 750 separate performances. Events take place in over 40 different venues - churches, caves, clubs, parks, plazas, pubs. Just about all the performing and visual arts are represented and there are dozens of free events running from first thing in the morning right through to midnight.

This all kicks off in about 40 days time and over a period of 22 days (3-24 July) the Fringe will be a hub for entertainment and displays of creativity. Over the coming days and weeks we'll do our best to highlight what is happening in Buxton during the Fringe. If you have a show and want us to publicise here on our Blog send us stories, pictures, video clips and we'll run them.

Tickets for many shows are on sale already.

The Rotunda  will be open for the third year. The striking sky blue geodesic dome will be on the old bowling green, just inside the Pavilion Gardens and opposite the Old Hall Hotel. Tickets are available - with early bird discounts up until 24 June. There are some tremendous shows at The Rotunda - Tayo Aluko returns with Call Mr Robeson, for example. Pieter Egriega premieres his most adventurous musical show yet - 11 Reasons.

Many shows are taking advantage of the opportunity to sell tickets through the Buxton Opera House box office. Tickets can be bought on-line or in person at the Opera House.

The Green Man Gallery is a very good friend to the Fringe and is an important venue too - offering intimate performance spaces in a friendly, supportive setting. There is plenty of music, drama, storytelling and exhibitions all through the Fringe and tickets can be bought on-line or at the Gallery.

The other 'managed' venue at Buxton is Underground Venues. Their programme - over 70 shows and hundred of performances will be confirmed on June 1st and tickets will be available on-line.

We'll be bringing you much more news and images from now on. Meanwhile we hope you share our excitement about England's Biggest Summer Fringe!

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