Friday 24 May 2024

Fringe Attracts Acts from Across the World!

Peter Noble as The Shoemaker of Havana 

Buxton Festival Fringe always offers a variety of performances to cater to every taste, being positioned perfectly, in our view, both geographically and timewise, between Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes. We often punch above our weight with performers from across the country taking part. This year is no exception with the added thrill that we have not one, not two but nine international entries! 

Last year Chicago-based On the Spot Theatre Company delivered an online drama about a doppelganger. They had such a good reaction and were so taken with Buxton Fringe that they promised to come in person in 2024. They’ve made good on that promise and will be presenting the UK premiere of a brand-new show A MID-COURSE CORRECTION a thought-provoking drama about a young mother to be performed in both Buxton and New Mills.

Chicago's On the Spot team is also offering us the change to get involved and learn the basics of SWING DANCE. I’m keen to give this a go, but while they say its suitable for both children and adults, they don’t mention the uncoordinated. Hopefully my not knowing my left from my right won’t be (too much of) a hazard!

Meanwhile performers from Canada, Hard Times, bring us OUTSIDE, IN THE LANEWAY, UNDER THE STARS the tale of a gay, bullied, small-town kid who found refuge in the theatre, and Canadian writer Nancy Edwards invites us to join her on a live online journey to meet village chiefs and traditional midwives from Sierra Leone in RETHINKING GOOD INTENTIONS. Buxton Fringe Award winner Rose Condo, a Canadian poet, is making a return to the Fringe with HOW TO STARVE AN ARTIST.

Not wanting to be overlooked, Australia gets in on the act with four entries. First off is Nuworks's new show THE SHOEMAKER OF HAVANA where we will meet Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Kennedy, Khrushchev, the Shoemaker, his wife and more. The same company is also performing TREASURE ISLAND, a brand new epic musical adaptation of this time-honoured tale of pirates, treasure and treachery which is set to entertain children and adults alike. Last but by no means least, Vietnamese Australian stand up Thao Thanh Cao brings us two shows, CONFESSIONS OF A COMEDIAN and MARMALADE, promising unique and refreshing humour.

I can’t wait to get stuck into this feast of entertainment from the other side of the world and also to give the performers a really warm Buxton welcome.

I’m just worried about one thing – do they know what to expect from a “Summer” festival in the UK, or to be more exact July in Buxton? 

I’m thinking about sending them my top tips on packing essentials:

  • Umbrella
  • Woolly Jumper
  • Sou’wester
  • Wellington boots
  • Earmuffs

Whatever the weather this July, make sure you sample our unique shows from both much-loved home-grown acts and our wonderful new friends from far-flung places. Its sure to be an exceptional year full of experiences to bring you joy.