Monday 27 February 2023

Who’s Coming to Buxton Fringe 2023?

Floella welcomes early birds. With thanks to sculptor Andrea Lewis.

That’s the question we all ask on 1st December when the Fringe opens for entries. 

Ian, our talented entries officer, is always on hand with helpful advice and support for performers and sorting out technical issues.  And with entries open till April 16th (to hit the printed programme) and our various deadlines with discounts, it’s a year round job.

So imagine our dismay (and let's be honest envy) when Ian announced that he was off on a world cruise in February and wouldn’t be back till the end of May!

Thankfully new committee member Damian stepped up and offered to fill Ian’s shoes. Damian just about had time to buy Ian a pint and make some hasty notes before Ian set sail.

So, how’s it going?  I caught up with Damian to find out how he’s getting on. “I’m really pleased to say that we have 74 entries to date” he told me, adding “so far so good but the crunch point will be on Februrary 28th when we hit our early bird discount deadline”. Why’s that I ask?  “Well, entrants who are quick off the mark get a 37.5% discount off the full entry price for early booking before the end of February; Ian warned me to expect a flood just before this deadline.”  

What’s the next best deal if you don’t get your skates on early enough, I wonder. “You only pay £77 up until March 31st” But he adds “If you're still not ready or decided, we accept entries for the printed programme right up until April 16th”. 

I ask if he’s enjoying the challenge so far? “It’s been great chatting to performers and seeing the entries coming in. Some are regulars, and some are new to Buxton. But ask me again in three months when Ian’s back!”

I ask what his top tip is for performers who have yet to enter? “Don’t hesitate to get in touch. There’s loads of information on our website, or you can email me at  I may not have Ian’s experience but there’s a great team behind the scenes ready to help. And fingers crossed Ian will be back in time for the Fringe, assuming he doesn’t get the sailing bug and signs up for another cruise!”


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