Friday 18 May 2018

Tickets for Sale

2018 Buxton Fringe Programme
The Rotunda - 2017

Tickets for many Fringe shows are now on sale. The Rotunda Theatre has a packed programme of quality shows and performers at its geodesic dome on the Old Bowling Green in the Pavilion Gardens. There are some 'early bird' offers if you get tickets before the end of May. Check the programme and details of ticket prices on the link below:
Rotunda at Buxton Fringe 2018.

Buxton Opera House

Our friends at the Buxton Opera House box office have been working hard to get 28 shows on sale at the earliest possible date. Go to Opera House box office to see what is available and book your tickets. You can have tickets sent to you, you can collect from the box office or print out your own.

The Green Man Gallery

The Green Man Gallery will be hosting over 30 performances in July - as well as exhibiting entries for this year's Buxton Spa Prize. Tickets will be on sale for the Fringe shows very soon.

UV in its new Clubhouse home
Underground Venues at The Old Clubhouse

The third of Buxton's 'managed venues' is Underground Venues. Their 2018 programme - of almost 70 shows in The Old Clubhouse and the Pavilion Arts Centre - will be confirmed on 1st June and tickets will be available on-line then.

Our complete programme can be searched on-line and information on how to get tickets for all 181 events (though many are free and no tickets are needed) is available there.

Enjoy planning for the summer in Buxton. We look forward to seeing you then. 

Buxton Fringe

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Thursday 10 May 2018

Star Quality at Buxton Fringe!

Seann Miley Moore

As well as providing a platform for the stars of tomorrow, the Fringe provides a welcoming space for the celebrities of today. Just announced is the appearance of Seann Miley Moore, the supremely talented Australian musical theatre star and singer who came to fame on the 2015 X Factor. He will be starring in leoe&hyde’s 21st-century romcom musical Guy, Underground at the Arts Centre Studio. This is the team that brought us the multi-award-winning The Marriage of Kim K last year so we are expecting great things.

Rock Follies actor Rula Lenska is meanwhile bringing to life the memoirs of her mother who escaped Naz-occupied Poland in Rula Lenska: From Dzikow to Willesden Green at the Rotunda.

Rob Rouse - Bottom in BBC Two’s Upstart Crow - is appearing twice at the Fringe, performing his own stand up show Underground at the Old Clubhouse, and, intriguingly, also co-starring with Fringe Award-winning Helen Rutter in her hit play The Ladder, Underground at the Arts Centre Studio.

With the printed programme due out at the end of this month, we are excited about our bumper Fringe featuring the biggest ever comedy section and joint biggest theatre category (2013 was a a biggie too). Look out for more blogs and comprehensive Fringe press releases highlighting the fabulous acts we have across all categories.

Following last year’s successful programme redesign, we’ve made some additional tweaks to make it even easier to see ticket information. A big print run of 20,000 is scheduled with our distribution team going into overdrive!

Why not join us at our celebratory programme party at The Green Man Gallery, Buxton on Saturday June 2nd, 7-9pm? It is a free, open-to-all event with light refreshments (donations encouraged!) and extracts from shows. We look forward to seeing you. 

Buxton Fringe

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