Monday 21 January 2013

Victorian Thaumaturgy

We hinted yesterday that we had early news of a very special event planned for the Fringe to be held in Poole's Cavern between 15-20 July. Well here's a little more detail to whet your appetite.

Martin Beard has a long association with with the Fringe. I remember his Don Juan when we were both youngish men - probably 20 years or so ago. Since then he has organised what was called Venue 21 (in The Old Clubhouse), established the REC theatre company and, more recently, had a new venue The Marquee in the grounds of Poole's Cavern. Well that is history now but this year Martin is back as part of a show to mark 160 years of the Cavern as a public attraction.

There will be an 'old style' candlelit tour of the caves with theatrical interludes - a magic lantern show, Penny Gaff songs, melodramatic poetry telling the story of Poole the Outlaw. You will hear the words of Daniel Defoe, Charles Cotton, extracts from Alice In Wonderland. The show will end with a mournful and magical tale - The Moonstone & The Woman In White (the titles will be familiar but they are borrowed).

There is but one thing more - but we are sworn to secrecy! This 45-minute show will be especially appealing to all 12 and over. Note your diaries now!

Sunday 20 January 2013

Weather Forecast: There will be weather every day

All talk and reporting of snow is banned on this Blog. It's certainly a inconvenience - but let's just get on with it shall we?

We went for a walk to Poole's Cavern this morning - just for a bit of fresh air really. Though their hot chocolate (Fair Trade) is highly recommended. Anyway came away with a bit of news regarding the Fringe. Looks like the Cavern is going to be in use throughout. Apparently Butterfly Theatre - who have sold out with Shakespeare in the cave for two years running - are back for the first two weeks of the Fringe with Hamlet. [That's probably Shakespeare again. Whole play in an hour. Either they talk very quickly; do three simultaneous performances of different bits of the play; or edit it heavily. I know what my money is on]. Anyway look out for details - their shows always sell quickly and you won't want to miss out.

For the third week of the Fringe the cave will have a different show to mark the 160th anniversary of the Cavern. When we know a bit more we'll let you know - but it will feature one the Fringe's dearest friends!

Some exciting but slightly vague news as yet about a new Fringe venue for 2013. For potential Fringe entrants there is a list of possible venues on the website - The latest venue to creep on the list is the Pump Room in the Crescent. Teasingly it says "details to follow". Can't wait.

Friday 11 January 2013

We could have danced all night... Sheffield's Crucible. Totally fabulous production of "My Fair Lady". The run has sold out so if you haven't got tickets you've probably missed out. Can't imagine that there will any returns.

Anyway delighted to see that Dance will be represented at Fringe 2013 - and an intriguing entry it is too.

The Green Robin Dance Company will be at the United Reformed Church with a show called "The People Next Door". Your are invited into the home of Georgie, Hayley and Conrad - three people living together, in relative peace. Discover their personal memories, secrets and experiences. Watch their stories unfold and compare them to your own, perhaps over a cuppa, as you are welcomed into their family home. The show is on from 19-21 July and is described a Family Friendly. Looks fun.

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Maine Road Blues

Our third entry for Fringe 2013 holds out the possibility for fun and controversy in more or less equal measure. A multi-media exploration of what Maine Road meant to Manchester City supporters - Maine Road Blues - will be at the United Reformed Church umpteen times between 3-14 July.

City's last season at Maine Road was 2002/2003 and I saw the game against Arsenal which City lost 1-5 (going 4-0 down in the first 20 minutes). That came a week after seeing Arsenal knock United out of the cup at Old Trafford. Arsenal scored with a flukey deflection and Ryan Giggs missed an open goal and my daughter joined in all the rude chants about Gary Neville. Two great days out.

I am, of course, painfully aware that since then things Arsenal/Manchester have tipped dramatically in the other direction and that this Sunday City are hoping to take three points at the 'Emirates' (I prefer Ashburton Grove but the people that live there won't stump up £10m a year for the stadium naming rights). I gather hundres of City fans won't pay £62 for a seat to see the game. Can't say I blame them. For those that take an interest in these things it will be worth looking out for the attendance figure. It is usually 60,024 - or similar - at the Emirates. Should be more like 59,224 on Sunday.

Whoops - forgot this was a Fringe blog. Sorry. Won't mention football again (unless Arsenal manage improbably to win their next 6 matches and somehow look like saving another 'disappointing' season).

Tuesday 8 January 2013

First Round Up

Well Buxton Festival Fringe 2013 is less than 6 months away and we close for entries on April 21st - so there must be a lot going on, musn't there?

So this Blog will likely be more active from now on - but we'll also try and do something of a round-up once a month for those more occasional readers. This is Round Up 1.

It may not be entirely obvious from the Programme so far - still just 3 confirmed events (but these are 'biggies') but there is plenty in the pipeline and which will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks. So the message is - keep checking out the website to see how Fringe 2013 is shaping up.

Meanwhile, we aren't sitting around waiting for things to happen and the Fringe team is getting on and planning all sorts. Some of this activity will may come to naught but that is the nature of life (probably. Discuss below if you want).

Our friends at the Buxton Festival have some new team members this year - always sorry to see old friends move on, and we miss them dearly - but it is exciting as we try to work out new ways of promoting the two festivals. Amongst other things look out for new banners all around the town after Easter drawing attention to Buxton's Festival season.

One thing we're certain to see this year - I think - is a bit of a push on "Free At The Fringe". In this age of wage freezes and benefit cuts (no politics here I hasten to add) people will be looking for value for money - and there isn't much better value for money than something that is gratis, is there? So expect us to be putting together readily digestible information on all the shows and events you can see that will cost you and your loved ones precisely nothing. [It goes without saying we'll also be promoting all the ticketed events and those will represent fabulous value for money too].

Our full-colour Fringe Programme will be published early in June. We'll be having a special launch event - there may be some drinking and some free limited-edition badges. So keep your eyes open for more information on that.

All of this will be done on a very small budget - but the quality will be tops. We know that you'd accept nothing less!