Wednesday, 16 June 2021

📣 Shout out for Buskers!

The inimitable Sam Slide (pic credit Ian J Parkes)

Forget Euro 2020 the real countdown to this summer's highlight has just started! Its under four weeks till the Buxton Fringe Festival kicks off.

This year there are a few changes; the Fringe desk is on the move and Fringe@5 has had a make over -  its become Fringe 10 to 5!

This means we will be hosting a busking spot on the promenade in Pavilion Gardens between  (yes you guessed it) 10 to 5. 

At last I have the chance to showcase my talents! My Mum once told me I sing like a frog but who listens to their Mum? 

But what should I do? I'd dance but I have two left feet, timing is not my strong point so telling gags is out, I know music!,  but to be honest I'm tone deaf so playing or singing are also out (maybe Mum had a point after all). 

OK time for a rethink. 

Calling all our performers and local artists, musicians and buskers, we really really need you.

Come and sign up for a slot at the Fringe Information Desk, now in the Pavilion Gardens conservatory just before the restaurant, between 7th and 25th July. Feel free to bring your hat for donations but please leave the heavy duty amplifiers at home.

You'll be helping us celebrate as well as saving local people and visitors from a fate worse than death, yes unfortunately that's me I mean!

Carole Garner

Buxton Fringe

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