Friday, 10 July 2020

Binge Fringing or Fringe Binging?

So I think I've started a new thing. We all know about binge eating, binge watching box sets, binge drinking and of course binge streaming The Crown on Netflix (or maybe that one's just me).

Well I'm now Binge Fringing. To help you work out if you are also a Binge Fringer here are (some) of the symptoms;
  • Streaming events from the Buxton on line fringe, constantly.
  • Jumping from genre to genre
  • Watching at least two different events at the same time on two different devices
  • Wearing orange at all times
  • Posting links of events to all your friends and family, (even auntie Carrie who's 92) at midnight
  • Not listening to anyone in the actual room with you
  • Surrounding yourself with "healthy" snacks  to keep your energy levels up (in my case chocolate hobnobs)
  • Taking up position on the sofa after breakfast and not moving till dinner time.
  • Getting the jitters at the idea of waiting for a new event to be posted.
  • Flicking feverishly through the what's on section to see what you've missed.
If any of these sound familiar don't worry, I have the cure.

Take a deep breath, repeat out loud "its on till 19th July I have lots of time" make yourself a nice cup of tea, login to and sign up for the online planner. This will make sure you don't miss your must see's while still having a real life.

For those still Binge Fringing after 19th July there's always 2021 or think about becoming a volunteer and join us, see you on the Orange side.

Carole Garner

Buxton Fringe

Facebook: buxtonfringe
Twitter: @buxtonfringe
Instagram: @buxtonfringe


  1. Thanks for all those useful tips Carole - you're a life saver! We're planning a very long, boring car journey and are just calculating which and how many shows we can listen to on the way - but will now sign up for the online planner as that sounds a much simpler way to plan!

  2. So glad to help Bailey C, to get you in the mood make sure to wear an orange top for the drive! Have a safe trip.