Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Made in Derbyshire

Derbyshire poet laureate 2013-2015: Helen Mort

Made in Derbyshire
Rarer than Blue John and ten times as bright,
wild as the rain over Burbage at night,
stronger than leather from Lennon’s at Stoney,
clear as Mam Tor when the sky thins slowly,
sweet as the tarts that Bakewell refines,
older than the spirits of Magpie Mine,
lively as summer: a first well-dressing,
the streets all ribboned, the sun’s blessing,
more eloquent than a poem could be…
I can’t make the hills, but these hills made me.

© Helen Mort, Derbyshire Poet Laureate 2013-15

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If your Derbyshire event is not listed on either of these sites then write to:
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