Friday, 9 January 2015

Fringe 2015 - up-and-running

Now that Christmas and New Year are out of the way we can all start to concentrate on planning for 2015 in earnest. There are a number of Fringe shows in the pipeline but an exciting and early entry has come from South African singers and drummers who will be at St Mary's Church from 8-11 July. This will be an exhilarating start to Fringe 2015.

There will be many, many artists and performers now planning their visit to Buxton in July. We hope to be helpful in reminding you of other Fringes that you might want to be part of - that are close geographically and chronologically to Buxton. From 13 June-5 July there is a friendly event in the beautiful town of Ludlow. Given that we start in Buxton on July 8th hopping from Ludlow to Derbyshire would be natural.

All the more so if performances could be scheduled at the Greater Manchester Fringe which runs for the whole of July. With over 20 venues on offer - and a simple train journey from Buxton to Manchester - it looks like good sense to try and schedule performances at both Fringes. 

In the spirit of public service blogging we may, from time-to-time, remind would-be visitors to Buxton of things that they might do (apart from Fringing). There is much to see and do in the town, of course, but there are also a great many exciting and inspirational places nearby. On Christmas morning I went for a short walk that took in Arbor Low - a Neolithic stone circle about 10 miles south of town. Not the easiest place to get to by bus sadly but a beautiful spot; I expect it is frequently described as 'awesome' and for once that would be right.

Not part of the Fringe - but happening on July 24th - is Eddi Reader singing in New Mills. Tickets will be selling like hot cakes. If you miss out there will be much compensation to be found in Buxton.

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