Thursday 27 June 2024

Hold the Front Page 2 - Mixing it Up at Buxton Fringe

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Black Liver's Devilled Eggs

Press releases are flooding in now from Fringe performers eager to attract audiences to their shows. Genre-mashing seems to be in this year as revealed in the following enticing extracts. Theatre company Black Liver’s mix of mystery and comedy sits alongside comedian Adrian Poynton’s take on dealing with grief and composer Brian Wilshere’s musical fusions.


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Black Liver - Devilled Eggs

Featuring a live band, choir and a whole host of stories gathered during the creation of the show.

Commissioned by Black Grand Theatre. Part of Blackpool Grand’s Storytelling Festival and Show Town Comedy Festival. 

Welcome to the Dakota Guest House! The most glamorous B&B this side of Blackpool! The Dakota is the true spirit of Variety; comedy, music and mystery are resident guests here and every room has its tale to tell.

Let your hosts, Roman and Prudence flip through their guest book and regale you with showbiz stories and anecdotes. From their heyday as the B&B to the stars to their present day haven of secrets, Ro and Pru will introduce you to the characters that reside in The Dakota. Expect songs, sketches and verse as each guest room opens. 

From acclaimed theatre makers Black Liver, Devilled Eggs performing at Underground is their latest two-hander play about a guest house over the span of a one night stay (breakfast included).

Like the eggs The Dakota serves at breakfast, this show is fresh, cheeky and devilishly spicy! 

‘Amazing stories and wily lyrics’  Liverpool Theatre Fest

Adrian Poynton - Ashes

Life-affirming comedy from the creator of BBC comedy White Van Man returning to the stage for the first time in over decade. Performing at Underground.

Recently, I’ve been thinking of a thing.

It’s a collection of stories about some stuff that happen. Stuff that plays on my mind.

Exciting huh.

In a nutshell, my Dad scattered my mum's ashes without me.

I'm an only child.

So... yeah. That happened.

Anyway… I started thinking I’d maybe turn them into a funny film or a play or something, like I normally do. For other people to read and perform. 

But recently I’ve realised that these are my stories to tell.

So… please come join me as I bumble through them on stage, laugh a lot, cry a bit, laugh some more and — hopefully — make you do the same. 

True stories of ridiculous families, local pubs, love, dying and trampolining.

As a stand up Adrian has performed all over the world with both his acclaimed solo shows and tour supporting some of the UK’s most famous faces. Having stepped away from stand up to focus on his hugely successful screenwriting career, 2024 sees Adrian return to the stage for the first time in almost a decade with his most honest, personal, hilarious and heartbreaking of shows.

Ptarmigan - Ptarmigan in Concert

Brian describes the music as a “Prog/Jazz/Folk/Classical fusion”. The complexity of Prog Rock, including electric guitar solos, is combined with jazz harmony, folk influence in the form of a prominent acoustic guitar, and a touch of Classical style from Violinist Rob Jourdain, already well known locally as a member of Shanks’ Pony.

Performing at High Peak Bookstore and Cafe, Ptarmigan play a mix of songs and instrumentals, all composed by Brian, who now has 5 commercially released albums to his credit as well as being a published composer in the USA and the UK.  His music has been performed all over Europe and at many venues in the UK including the Royal Albert Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Tickets for the concert are available at Listen to the music here.

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