Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Painting the Town Orange

Buxton's floral displays might have more than a hint of Fringe orange this year
(credit: Stephanie Billen)

Yes you read that right; I know it's more traditional to paint a town red but this is Buxton and we like to do things a bit differently here! 

I think everyone would agree that we can all do with a bit of cheering up this year and the Fringe has come up with a simple and fun way to do this - by encouraging shops, businesses, care homes, public spaces and residents to create “Orange Hot Spots” across the town throughout July.

The Fringe has joined forces with a number of local groups to organise displays of orange flowers, orange bunting, flower pot people with orange hair, orange-bottomed Bilberry bumble bees or even just orange Fringe posters. The Bilberry bee is a very special bee. It lives high on the moors surrounding Buxton and it helps to pollinate lots of plants but sadly it is in danger of extinction. So let’s give it a helping hand by planting lots of orange flowers to give it a feed and keep it going. You can also support the Buxton Garden Trail (24-25 July) at the same time by purchasing marigold and fuschia plants from them - contact

Everyone can get involved including the kids. Good and easy orange flowers to grow include Nasturtiums, Marigolds and Calendula but there are lots of others. And what’s more, by planting flowers, even one or two on a small windowsill, we can help encourage butterflies, insects and especially bumble bees. 

Don’t have green fingers or any outside spaces?  Create your own display for your window with tissue paper, coloured pens and paints or Fringe posters, or have a go at drawing the Bilberry bee with its distinctive orange bottom! Contact if you would like further information on making or displaying the bee!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your paintbrush or gardening gloves, get creative, have some fun and let's turn Buxton Orange!

Carole Garner

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