Thursday 6 December 2012

Today's plan and bargain

According to various social media messages the Old Hall Hotel in Buxton has an unmissable bargain today - buy a mince pie (£1.50) and get a free mulled wine! What's the catch? Don't know. Tell me if there is one. For the Twitterati out there its @oldhallbuxton and you'll be kept updated with the daily offers at England's oldest hotel.
If they let you buy 4 or 5 mince pies (keep the pies for later or give them to your teetotal friends) and give you a glass of wine each time you could make quite a day of it. If you're still there at 7.30 venture to the Pauper's Pit for the current offering from Buxton Film.
As you wander home after the film - around 9.30 - if the snow and ice allows you to get up Hall Bank there may be a decent fire burning in Beltane - there will surely be some friends there eager to see you.
The Pauper's Pit - and some other parts of the Old Hall - will be closed for good in the autumn of 2013 because of the redevelopment of the Crescent. No doubt in the end it will be a price worth paying but a loss in the short-run.
Buxton Film and others will be looking for a new venue come next September. If you have any bright ideas make sure that you share them.

I see from Blogger that this site is read in the USA, Germany and Canada. Bless you all. If you are a bit perplexed about any of this - Buxton? What is that? - send me your questions and one day you'll get an answer.

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