Monday, 3 December 2012

...and Moreover...

Higher Buxton is looking very jolly as we approach just 3 weeks to Christmas. The Vault is setting the tone with shimmering glacial blue windows. So well done all you traders, licencees and shopkeepers.
If you don't get to that end of town very much you may not have noticed that we have a splendid new art gallery: The Green Man Gallery is on the corner of London Road and Dale Road (next to the newly reopened Mac Burnham butchers shop - also stocking some fresh vegetables for those non-carnivores among us). The Gallery opened its doors about 10 days ago but is opening properly this coming Saturday - December 8th. There is plenty to look at and plenty to buy at realistic prices. I'm bound to say I don't especially care for the Gallery's name - it seems unnecessarily gender specific. I'm told that it is a reference to the flashing image that tells you it might be safe to cross the busy roads. Why not "Stop, Look & Listen Gallery"? Anyway don't let any of this stop you from visiting.
On the other side of the road you will have passed Scrivener's bookshop of course. Apart from being a splendid shop and all-round curiosity Scrivener's windows also act as a noticeboard for forthcoming events - a generous public service.
I should say that none of these places is paying for any publicity here and I anticipate nothing in kind - but we gets lots of moans about Buxton and its shops when there are plenty of friendly independent traders ready to greet you.
With a bit of luck someone might even post a comment about the independent shop crawl for Christmas and the New Year!

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