Friday 7 December 2012

The weekend starts here

Well it does for some. If you work in a hospital or a shop or drive a bus I guess it may not. Similarly if you're not in work for whatever reason today may be much like yesterday or tomorrow. Didn't mean to begin with such a complicated idea as "What is a weekend?" Start again.

For those of us close to Buxton the obvious thing to do tomorrow is attend the opening of The Green Man Gallery which kicks off at 11.30. The Gallery is at 55 High Street - at the five ways junction with Dale Rd, London Rd, Green La, and West Rd!

That may give you time to get a Christmas tree first thing - if you're so inclined. Ethical issues here too. Get a real one or a fake? We've gone for real trees for 30 years or more but find ourselves wondering if it is sounder to buy something in a box and recycle it year after year and leave the trees to grow. (I expect that someone will tell me that they are the wrong sort of trees to be growing).

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