Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Piecing together a Fringe

As the nationwide lockdown continues, we have been having to make our own amusement while at the same time looking forward to July in the hope that a Fringe of some kind can still go ahead.

Fringey Gaye - our intrepid desk manager - has been busy cooking up some fabulous online Fringe jigsaws. Simply go to and search for Buxton Fringe for a jigsaw experience like no other.

We are busy tweaking our online photo galleries and have invited Fringe entrants to beef up their listings with online links to videos and websites. Performers who have given us more than one picture now automatically get a ‘gallery’ link so you can see all their photos displayed properly. This has taken off in Visual Arts in particular where there are some entire online exhibitions going on as well as some great videos!

We are also excited by our first ever entirely online Fringe entry, Buxton Drama League’s Alice Goes Elsewhere. They dreamt up this theatre treat well before the Covid crisis but right now of course online feels like a great place to be. See:

Our friends at Buxton International Festival have had to cancel 2020’s event but are promising some digital content in July as well as an exciting 2021 festival. See

We are hearing from Fringe regulars such as the REC Youth Theatre who are creating an online CoronavirusTimeCapsule - see their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Meanwhile Viv from our Venues team has been finding all sorts of other entertainment and culture online from a huge variety of sources. See her handy list below:

Cultural Links very useful website giving lots of listings. Lots of interesting events

Museums and Art Galleries

Over the next month or so we hope to be able to share more news about our own Fringe but in the meantime, do feel free to tell us what you are up to so we can spread the word on our blog and social media. The arts are an important source of joy and inspiration especially during hard times and we appreciate our Fringe community more than ever.

Stay safe and stand by for more updates as soon as we have them!

Buxton Fringe

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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Catching the Worm

Attention all potential Fringe entrants! A little bird tells us that the earlybird discounted, end of February deadline is only a month away now. At the time of writing we have a grand total of 20 entries but that number is likely to go up substantially over the next few months until the final deadline of April 19. 

As in previous years we are offering a tasty reduction on the entry fee - so it is just £50 if you enter before the end of February. If you wait till April it is £85! But there is another sometimes overlooked incentive - everything is listed on the website and Fringe App as soon as it comes in so that’s oodles of free advance publicity that could really help you stand out and attract an audience!

Remember anyone can enter the Fringe and Buxton Fringe has a reputation for its friendliness and supportive environment. We also have three managed venues, Underground Venues, The Rotunda and The Green Man Gallery offering technical, front of house, ticketing and other support.

To get going why not check out the free advice on our website’s Take Part pages including a handy section called How To Grow Your Audience? By entering now, you will have more choice when it comes to choosing a venue and the best time slot to suit your needs.

And if you are reading this and thinking it’s not quite you - can you help us spread the word to others? Our audience survey respondents last year told us they would love to see more drama, music and dance at the Fringe. We’d also like to see more entries in some of the smaller categories such as Film, Children’s Events and Street Theatre. Visual Arts is also an increasingly significant Fringe category.

We are very excited about all the shows and events that have entered so far and will soon be distributing a flyer to remind everyone what a fantastic festival we are going to have this July. See our What’s On pages for a sneak preview of Fringe 2020 and a welcome taste of summer! 

Buxton Fringe

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