Friday 10 July 2020

What to do with the kids?

Stephanie's fab Make your own Museum!

This is the last week of term for children, and all that parents exhausted by home schooling have to look forward to are another six weeks of keeping the kids entertained! You may be looking for new ways to occupy them, and luckily the Buxton Fringe has some online Children's Events that do just the job.

Children are invited to use their imaginations to create the castle Buxton has never had in Creeping Toad’s online workshop in conjunction with Buxton Museum, Lost Castles - indeed there is an excellent castle created in this online workshop here at Fringe Towers. The same team is also offering a series of activities to help children to create their own display cabinets, turning their prized collections into miniature museums. A series of activities will help you make display boxes, prepare your own Cabinets of Curiosity and create guidebooks to show people round your wonders

An exclusive YouTube miniseries follows Curly the Clown at home in lockdown. Watch Curly tackle breakfast, painting, board games, gardening and more. A little treat for lovers of clowning every day, and you may learn a useful tip on how to make toast!

Families will also enjoy sitting down to see The Red Balloon, Lucky Dog’s take on the classic 1956 short film, judged ‘outstanding’ in its Fringe review last year and now available online.

Fun is never far away from the minds of Buxton Fringe organisers and a new Fringe & Community category features Fringe jigsaws and crosswords as well as a chance to revisit glorious Fringe Sundays past and last year’s spectacular Fringe 40 exhibition via online links. 

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