Wednesday 15 July 2020

Alice Goes Elsewhere

With theatres closed and social distancing still very much the order of the day, this year’s Buxton Fringe is largely taking place online. However, Buxton Drama League were ahead of the game in that they had already entered Alice Goes Elsewhere, a purely online play for this year’s Fringe. So when we had to revisit every single thing in the programme to see what could be made Covid proof, we had this single entry that didn’t require any revision!

Alice Goes Elsewhere is a musical fantasy written and produced by Will Blake. It tells the story of Alice, a creative and talented girl facing the challenges of modern life by entering a fantasy world populated by larger-than-life characters.

Will, who has been making music his whole life, previously worked in mental health, which informed the theme of this play, with its central character being on the Asperger’s/Autism spectrum. ‘Alice has a capacity for bluntness and obsessional traits, but remains engaging and good company.’

The play features a range of songs which range in style from country to 80s synth-pop, so musically there’s something for everyone. Will adds: ‘I wanted a setting where I could have lots of different musical styles from various decades, that were integrated into the story in the same way as in a musical. The alternative reality idea – loosely inspired on Lewis Carroll – seemed to make this easier.’

Will joined Buxton Drama League a few years ago, and has provided soundscapes for their productions including Enlightenment and Dracula, has exploited the talents of the group’s members – especially actress/singer Megan Davies (who plays Alice) – to create a memorable and captivating drama.

Alice Goes Elsewhere is available to download and listen to now at or via the Buxton Fringe website.

And look out for Buxton Drama League's other entry to the Fringe, the ever popular Shakespeare Jukebox!

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