Thursday 16 July 2020

‘The Crooked Spire’ - a Medieval, Murder-Mystery Musical

A story of murder and deception and love set in Chesterfield in the aftermath of a global pandemic!

A developmental reading of a musical in the making, ‘The Crooked Spire’ is a story of murder, mystery, deception and love set in Chesterfield during the 1360 building of St Mary’s Church spire, in the aftermath of a global pandemic! Just a short few years after the Black Death ravaged the country the spire is rising above the tower of the Parish Church.

John Carpenter has come to help build that spire. He finds a friend in a young boy, Walter and falls head over heels for Katherine. But death and intrigue strike the construction site and John is suspected of murder. He is faced with a life and death struggle to clear his name and bring the guilty to justice.

Produced by Ashgate Heritage Arts ‘The Crooked Spire,’ is being presented online for the Buxton Festival Fringe on Friday 17th July and Saturday 18th July 2020 at 7pm. The creators have been collaborating from a distance to write the script, songs and music for this original piece and will also host a Q & A session at 8pm on the 18th to discuss their experience of working collaboratively during lockdown.

Chris Nickson’ novel, The Crooked Spire, has been adapted for the stage by Fringe award-winning writer, Mary Hennessy whose script brings the flavour and character of the story to life. Music and lyrics by Martin Coslett (Ferguson’s Gang, The Perfect City) and Peter Gray (Aliens in 6F, Mr Boltin and the Temple of Doom.) Martin and Peter’s music and songs blend traditional folk melodies with contemporary harmonies and rhythms to set your feet tapping.

A cast of professional actors and singers have been “filmed” for this unique production.

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