Saturday 8 December 2012

It's Magic!

Buxton Fringe 2013 is properly under way with its first entry and it's Magic!

The High Peak Magic Society is doing two shows at the Palace Hotel - one on Wednesday 17 July and the second on Thursday 18th.

Now these shows are always hugely popular because the magicians are great and there is always a tremendous "Wow" factor. The magicians work 'close-up' by your table so you can try and spot what is going on - and just as you think you might have worked it out a twist will astound you.

The magicians are good friends of the Fringe - they have supported Fringe Sunday in recent years. [Fringe Sunday in 2013 will be on July 7th]. So put the dates in your diary - tickets (£10) will be on sale from the Opera House but not until late in May.

Those of you that have been following the moral and ethical dilemma of the household Christmas tree - well we went to a farm at Kettleshulme and got a 7 footer there. It looks grand!

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