Sunday 2 December 2012

New Year, New Blog Space

What with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and gkw Blogs seem a bit passe - so last v.
However one or two people - literally, no literary device here - said that they quite liked the Buxton Festival Fringe Blog from days of yore. So it's back.
The old hosting space doesn't seem to want us back, however, so this is a new start in a new space. 
Today is December 2nd - entries for Buxton Festival Fringe 2013 opened about 40 hours ago. So far we have no entries. But we're not bothered - generally we get just a handful of entries before Christmas. Those we do get, however, get maximum and privileged publicity for a while - because I've nothing else to write about.
A handful of entries are under development and under wraps I know. In the next couple of days (maybe even hours) the wraps may be off! 

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