Friday 14 December 2012

Music at Beltane tonight

It is a singularly crap day today. Cold, wet and windy. But it is not beyond redemption. Graham Clark's jazz trio will be entertaining the crowds at Beltane on Hall Bank tonight from around 9pm. I'm going for sure. So you can either meet me there or go somewhere else - I'll not take it personally but Mr Clark will be well worth hearing.

This Blog got about 400 'hits' yesterday - more than 10 times the normal traffic. This is some measure of how much John Beecher meant to so many people. It is likely that there will be a special event in Fringe 2013 to commemorate John's life and work in Buxton. When we know more we'll let you know. [Thanks to @owenjones84 for the re-tweet - I'm sure John would have appreciated that].

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