Tuesday 4 December 2012

Looking Ahead - some Visual Arts

One of the highlights of Fringe 2012 (and Fringe 2010) was the Buxton Art Trail. Sadly it won't be part of Fringe 2013 because it is biennial (something that the art world quite likes evidently. The Istanbul biennial falls in 'odd' years so go there instead in 2013).
However it has been whispered to me that there may be an art trail of sorts - not intended to replace BAT, of course, but something that can definitely be looked forward to. I understand that some student groups will be bringing their end-of-the-year shows to Buxton. They are investigating exhibition spaces - so if you know of anywhere (hotels, shops, pubs, churches) that might want the attraction of quality artwork on their premises next July - then give us a shout.

Separate, but related, a local artist is looking for a pop-up space for his handcrafted dinosaur models. They'd look great in shop windows and kids love 'em - so if you know of anywhere that would be interested please be in touch.

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