Sunday 16 December 2012

Beltane & Badges

Homeland is on - but it really is such tosh. How can it be regarded as amongst the 'best' on TV in 2012? Mind you The Killing 3 was pretty disappointing too: the plot was silly in the extreme but the characterization and the acting just about saved it. I'm pinning my hopes on Borgen in the New Year.

Back to things Buxton: Beltane - on Hall Bank - reopened about a month ago and is carrying on where it left off. One innovation is the vegetarian hot food courtesy of The Quiet Okapi. Not sure how long this will go on for but had a simple but enjoyable 3 course lunch today. Just £25 for the two of us including a drink each. Nothing clever or fancy but tasty and fresh.

Popped into the Green Man Gallery too to pick up this week's fashion accessory - a Green Man badge to wear on your hat or coat. The badges are made by "Mr Hope" - one of the artists. Apparently he has a full-scale industrial proportioned badge-making machine - so if you need a badge made to promote your ventures, then Mr Hope is your man.

Finally The Green Man also has copies of a new novel by a local writer for sale. The Mountain is set in the 1980s and includes some references to the songs of The Smith. Ian King Hamilton - who wrote it - says the novel has comic elements. Not The Smiths bits presumably.

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