Sunday 22 June 2014

Short Film Competition - jury choices

Our friends at Buxton Film have sent us the list of films selected for screening at the Pavilion Arts Centre Studio on Sunday July 13th (from 7.30-9.00pm). Buxton Film runs an annual short film competition called 'Open Shorts' and a selection from the entries has been screened as part of the Fringe for the past 3 years. Six films made the cut this year and they are (in planned order of screening):
1] A Day, A Life tells us about a middle-aged married couple. Apparently their marriage has been satisfying and successful but as the documentary-like film progresses it becomes clear that all is not as smooth as it might seem.
2] The Date is a well-crafted comedy. A man's marriage seemingly is over. He waits in a cafe for his date. As he waits he recalls his earlier relationship and observes those around him who seem to find it all so easy to enjoy the company of others.
3] Jo Southwell's second short film Cover Me tells the story of a young woman, Emily. She appears to be in a cell of some sort. But what happened in her life to put her there? With a powerful lead performance by Isis Davis Cover Me is compelling viewing.
4] Mark Callum's film One Way is a bravura piece of film-making. It runs for nearly 9 minutes and is a single take (including the credits). Two men are in some sort of warehouse. One is tied to a chair. The other is there to deal with him. They wait for a phone call.
5] Nothing More is the most overtly political film on offer this year. In a world where the rich and poor are at war how will it end?
6] The winning film in this year's competition is The Director made by Will Herbert. Two actors and a director meet up for the first rehearsal for a play. The director's style and demands are hard to take. Tightly scripted, acted and edited there is not a wasted frame or word in this very enjoyable film.

These films are not certificated but in our view the programme as a whole would be rated as '15' because of the violence in some of the films (Cover Me and Nothing More).

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