Thursday 5 June 2014

News from the Buxton Festival - for birdwatchers and the under 25s

A recent newsletter from the Buxton Festival includes two items that may well be of interest to readers of this Blog. The overlap between the two potential audiences for the pieces below may be small - but do please pass-on and share this news in whatever way you can.

"Many of you will currently be addicted to BBC2's annual nature-lovers' treasure chest, Springwatch. The expert providing the programme's 'Red Button' coverage is Brett Westwood who, with Stephen Moss, will be coming to Buxton on 27 July to talk about the book of Radio 4's phenomenally successful Tweet of the Day.

"Distilling two lifetimes’ knowledge, insight and enthusiasm, Brett and Stephen take you month-by-month through the year, evoking what it is like to be in the presence of each bird, and delighting you with extraordinary insights and amazing facts. From a baby cuckoo barely able to squeeze into its host’s nest, to swifts spending their entire lives on the wing, only landing to breed, Tweet of the Day is packed full of folklore, poetry and surprising ornithological observations.

"Brett Westwood & Stephen Moss will be talking at the Pavilion Arts Centre on Sunday 27 July at 2pm. To book your tickets now, click here.

"Also, on Friday at 18 July at 9am, Tim Birkhead, professor of zoology at the University of Sheffield, provides a thoroughly engaging and authoritative history of modern ornithology: from its beginnings as a museum-based discipline to its shift into the mainstream to become the popular pastime it has become today. He brings this history vividly to life through the work and achievements of those who advanced the field and reveals how research on birds has contributed more to our understanding of animal biology than the study of just about any other group of organisms. To book your tickets for what promises to be a fascinating history, click here."

Festival for a Fiver    
"Are you under 25? Would you like to dip your foot in the water of the huge variety Buxton Festival has on offer but are worried about price? Well, anyone under 25 can pick up tickets for any Buxton Festival event - Opera, Literature, Music, or other! - for just £5, thanks to the Festival for a Fiver scheme, supported by the Granada Foundation. Simply call in to the Buxton Opera House Box Office or phone 0845 127 2190, quoting Festival for a Fiver and book tickets for any performance you want (we regret this offer is not available online)."

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