Saturday 7 June 2014

Fringe Tickets - On Sale Now

Tickets for most Fringe 2014 events are now on sale - and for some shows it really matters that you get in early because they will sell out.
In our printed programme or on our website it will be clear that tickets for many events will be available either from the Buxton Opera House or from Underground Venues. It is not for us to recommend shows but experience tells us that, for example, the High Peak Magicians (23/24 July), Butterfly Theatre's Dracula's Women in Poole's Cavern (14-19 July) and the stand-up nights Barrel of Laughs (11, 18 & 25 July) will sell very well. We wouldn't want you to be disappointed.

Many Fringe events are free and no tickets are required. Use this link to check out all the fabulous events and shows that won't cost you a penny - Free Fringe

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