Monday 2 June 2014

Pre-Fringe Training complete

Just as the England football team is 'warming-up' for the World Cup with some carefully chosen friendlies so we at Fringe HQ have been on tour sharpening our artistic and critical faculties in readiness for the 'big one'. We've not been to Miami wearing multiple layers in anticipation of debilitating humidity but our European tour has taken us to Paris, Bern and Doncaster!
At the Pompidou Centre (for just one more week) is an excellent and comprehensive exhibition of the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson. For any visiting Brits the photos of the last Coronation are bound to be fascinating. I was there - sort of - my mother was 6 months through the pregnancy which ended with my delivery. Father was less than impressed apparently that an expectant mother should stand on the streets of London just for a fleeting glimpse of a bunch of parasites. Bresson chose to photograph the on-lookers - turning his back on the main attraction.
Bern is home to the Zentrum Paul Klee - a striking exhibition space by the motorway on the outskirts of the city. Apparently it holds thousands of pieces by Klee and only a few hundred are shown at any one time - inviting repeat visits. Currently there is a themed exhibition based on a sketching tour made to Tunisia in 1914 in the company of two other artists. A visit is certainly recommended - though it's about 900 miles from Buxton. Apparently 'still life' is rendered at 'nature morte' in French. What this says about the two languages or differing cultural artistic sensibilities I'm not sure. Comments are welcome.
Doncaster may be in the news a fair bit over the next 11 months - since its sitting MP hopes to be our next Prime Minister. Let's hope all the visiting journalists find time to visit the splendid new theatre - Cast in Doncaster. We saw the touring production of Sebastian Faulks' 'Birdsong'. This Original Theatre production is still to go to Colchester, Dundee, Leicester, Belfast, Swindon and Eastbourne. If you are anywhere near these towns do try to see it. The company is brilliantly led by George Banks and Carolin Stolz and the staging is excellent. Faulks' take on World War One won't get the approval of Michael Gove. Good. Expect to cry.
Anyway, training is complete and we're ready for the intensity of Buxton Festival Fringe 2014 - starting with the Programme Launch event on Friday night.

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