Saturday 18 June 2016

Invitation to meet Shakespearean Superheroes

Invitation just in - thought we'd better pass it on. Gatecrashers welcome - so long as you buy a ticket.

You are invited to a touring comedy play Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: Age of Oberon by Drake's Drummers Theatre Company.
Written and directed by Pelham Grosvenor-Stevenson, Callum Moffat and Adam Toon.

Audiences in Buxton will be treated to an hour of acclaimed new comedy writing this summer as Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: Age of Oberon is due to hit for five days. In a world where all of Shakespeare's characters exist simultaneously, Oberon of A Midsummer Nights Dream has gone mad. We're talking full-on Hamlet. The fairy king has kidnapped William Shakespeare, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Shakespearean Heroes International Evil Lessening Division) and his mischievous sidekick Puck has brought him the Infinity Quill. A quill unlike any other, for the Infinity Quill has the power to rewrite history itself and forge a new future at the will of its master.
Anxious of the scenario that is unfolding, Shakespeare's greatest heroes; Hamlet, Macbeth, Ophelia and Brutus decide that they should do something to stop the oncoming apocalypse. Under dubious instruction's from Puck they head to Midsummers Forest to confront Oberon and the fairies. Shakespeare's Avengers have assemblethed.

Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: Age of Oberon has received high praise at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 and is currently on national tour. It offers an alternative take on classical Shakespeare and entertains audiences with its fast paced, tongue-in-cheek delivery and writing. Rod Cotton, independent theatre producer said, 'A young, imaginative company whose work, especially at the Edinburgh Fringe [Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: Age Of Oberon], has developed their talents into thoroughly entertaining theatre that is highly inventive.'

About The Company:
Drake's Drummers Theatre Company is a new writing company based out of Plymouth.
Having been formed in 2014 by a group of three writers and actors, the company has gone on to have success at a number of festivals as well as produce theatre for a local and national stage. It is in the process of planning and curating the first outdoors waterfront theatre festival in the South-West. Its production of Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: Age of Oberon is currently touring the UK. You can see the play in Buxton this July at Underground Venues between 13-17th.

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