Friday 19 June 2020

Putting the ring into Fringe

Buxton Fringe has been reinventing itself in a big way with over 80 entries now on the website, many of them online.

But what if you don’t have access to the internet or are just missing a bit of actual human contact?

This year’s innovative Phone@5 scheme was inspired by Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s Telephone Club and features a host of Fringe stars poised to offer five to ten minute micro-performances down the phone. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, just call 01298 79351 to book one of the 5pm slots running from 6-10 July and 13-17 July. Feel free also to spread the word if you know someone who could do with a bit of Fringe stardust. By using the speakerphone, perhaps a couple of people could enjoy the same call?

If you fancy a little story, we can offer Lewis Hancock who reads The Lion and Albert and other music hall tales (see Or there is Mark Henderson of Chapel Arts Writing Group who could give you a Derbyshire folk tale (funny, sad, creepy or grisly), or Mike Raffone, an award-winning comedian who will be delivering Gerard Hoffnung’s classic bricklayers’ monologue from the 1950s.

Otherwise we have opera singing or, intriguingly pop in the style of opera, from Poperasops’ Tora Wilson, folk songs from Ian Bowns and rock and pop from Will Hawthorne. Also on the menu is a bit of Chaucer or a Shakespeare sonnet from Debbie Cannon and modern poetry from Don Dolby. Former Fringe chair Keith Savage is also on hand with a collection of readings on a Derbyshire theme and we are also able to offer some relaxing piano music.

So far we have attracted a lot of media interest - see for recent radio interviews - but people have been a bit shy to book calls. Let me reassure you that you do deserve a phone call plus it is a lovely thing for our performers to be back doing what they do best - performing live! The show must go on - will you help us make sure that it does?

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  1. Hi. Sounds lovely. Does it matter where the person lives who would like to receive a phone call performance? In the UK preferable I would imagine :-); I'm specifically thinking of someone not in Buxton but still in Derbyshire.