Sunday 28 June 2020

Even Further Out... A Fringe of the Fringe!

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The Fringe of the Fringe!
If an online Fringe is strange enough, well, things are getting even odder with the announcement of the Buxton Fringe of the Fringe 2020, an event running for the full duration of the Buxton Festival Fringe.

This could be a world first: nowhere else can a town boast so many layers of festivals, fringes and fringes of fringes, could even further tiers of fringes come to the town in the future?

Despite billing themselves as “stranger, audaciouser, fringier” the Fringe of the Fringe have nevertheless found themselves humiliated by reality, and nothing could be weirder or more unusual than real life at the moment. As more of the actual Fringe has moved online it is imperative to remember that although this was always the plan for the Fringe of the Fringe, they claim that they in no way begrudge the Fringe stealing their thunder and heaving themselves into their territory.

“The Fringe of the Fringe is all about the best events you won’t see on the Fringe” said a
BFOTF spokesperson, “and, as many people won’t be seeing many events at all this year, this is all the more important. We know that for many performers the most important thing about putting on a great show and entertaining audiences at a Fringe is getting a great review. Well, we’re literally putting this as our top priority.”

A Launch Party will be held on 1 July, and the first exhibitions and performances also start on that date, and more importantly, the reviews of those shows.

Further information can be found at the BFOTF Facebook page @buxtonfringeofthefringe

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