Monday 27 May 2019

This Space Could Be Yours!

We are more than happy to use this space to share information about any of the 219 events that make up Buxton Fringe40. Send us your news, pictures or video clips and we’ll do our best to share them. Meanwhile, here’s a bit of detail about some events that might creep under the radar.

The Buxton Museum & Art Gallery has had a major overhaul over the past year or so and now looks more splendid than ever. It is free to go in so there is no reason not to. The Museum is putting on a series of lunchtime talks over the course of the Fringe. Under the heading ‘Meet the Experts’ and starting at 1pm you can hear from:
9 July- Hannah Wallace; Duchess Georgiana’s Servants
10 July - Neil Bettridge; Discovering Franklin: The story of the tragic Victorian explorer
11 July- Lauren Butler; The Housekeepers of Hardwick Hall, 1800-1950
12 July- Adam Bench; Restoring the Octagon at Buxton Pavilion Gardens
16 July- Fiona Clapperton; The Country House At War: Chatsworth 1908-1945
17 July- Richard Tuffrey; Saving Buxton’s Crescent
18 July- Gareth Williams; The Great Tutbury Hoard of 1831
19 July- Joe Perry; The Staffordshire Hoard: Ten Years On.
There must be something there that tickles your fancy.

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Our very good friends at Buxton Film have been screening some of the best films from all around the world for the past 10 years or so. With the help and support of Buxton Cinema and the Opera House screenings take place most Mondays at the Arts Centre. During the Festival period that venue has other uses but during the Fringe Buxton Film has decided to screen at The Rotunda Theatre. Inspired by Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema series, four genre-defining titles are on offer. 

Starting at 10pm each night you can choose to see: 
6th July - The Philadelphia Story - timeless rom-com: 
10th July - That Sinking Feeling - a micro-budget heist movie; 
13th July - 2001: A Space Odyssey - epic sci-fi; 
17th July - The Orphanage, gripping Spanish horror. 
Get your tickets for Rotunda shows before 24 June to take advantage of an 'early bird' offer.

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