Thursday 23 May 2019

England's Biggest Summer Fringe


Evidently there are Fringe Festivals in Edinburgh and Brighton. Splendid affairs. One of them is in Scotland. The other happens during the spring - Brighton finishes on June 2nd. Apparently that means that the claim to be England's biggest summer fringe is up for grabs. As things stand Buxton is claiming the title. Might not be worth that much, but it will do for us for the time being.

We've been making a bit of a fuss about Buxton Fringe 2019 being #Fringe40 - our 40th event. We also feel proud of the achievement. Buxton is a small town (pop. 22,000 or so) in the hills of Derbyshire - 20 miles from a city. The Buxton Fringe is a registered charity - run by volunteers with an annual budget of £17,000. This year we have 219 different shows or events (probably more actually) and over 750 separate performances. Events take place in over 40 different venues - churches, caves, clubs, parks, plazas, pubs. Just about all the performing and visual arts are represented and there are dozens of free events running from first thing in the morning right through to midnight.

This all kicks off in about 40 days time and over a period of 22 days (3-24 July) the Fringe will be a hub for entertainment and displays of creativity. Over the coming days and weeks we'll do our best to highlight what is happening in Buxton during the Fringe. If you have a show and want us to publicise here on our Blog send us stories, pictures, video clips and we'll run them.

Tickets for many shows are on sale already.

The Rotunda  will be open for the third year. The striking sky blue geodesic dome will be on the old bowling green, just inside the Pavilion Gardens and opposite the Old Hall Hotel. Tickets are available - with early bird discounts up until 24 June. There are some tremendous shows at The Rotunda - Tayo Aluko returns with Call Mr Robeson, for example. Pieter Egriega premieres his most adventurous musical show yet - 11 Reasons.

Many shows are taking advantage of the opportunity to sell tickets through the Buxton Opera House box office. Tickets can be bought on-line or in person at the Opera House.

The Green Man Gallery is a very good friend to the Fringe and is an important venue too - offering intimate performance spaces in a friendly, supportive setting. There is plenty of music, drama, storytelling and exhibitions all through the Fringe and tickets can be bought on-line or at the Gallery.

The other 'managed' venue at Buxton is Underground Venues. Their programme - over 70 shows and hundred of performances will be confirmed on June 1st and tickets will be available on-line.

We'll be bringing you much more news and images from now on. Meanwhile we hope you share our excitement about England's Biggest Summer Fringe!

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