Tuesday 21 February 2017

Modelling in the Park

The last time Fringe personnel went modelling in the Pavilion Gardens we were standing in the river... The question of "Why?" is something even we are still working on, but to cut a long story short, let's just say that there is not much we won't do in pursuit of a striking image for the Fringe programme.

Happily this year's programme cover has happened without the need for any more such shenanigans - though we are sure you will enjoy this relatively sane picture of Tom Mason and Fringe chair Keith Savage posing in the Gardens at the weekend. Tom, in case you are wondering, is our latest programme cover saviour having come up with the great idea of using actual tiny models positioned against a historic map of the town.

A Fringe fan and former Buxton Community student now working as a graphic designer in Portishead, Tom tells us: "I took inspiration from the current trend of photographing model figures in humorous real world/full scale situations. I enjoy model making (in particular railway modelling) and therefore I wanted to use my skills in this field to produce an image that reflected the fun and vibrancy of the Fringe in miniature.”

The background map, reproduced by permission of The National Library of Scotland, brings a great sense of heritage and place to the design. Of course great ideas don't come from nowhere and Tom had a few mishaps along the way as he experimented with several set-ups around the town. “During a photo shoot for a potential cover image beside the lake in the Pavilion Gardens we were set upon by an angry goose. The subject of the shoot, a model figure relaxing at the water’s edge, unfortunately didn’t make it…”

Just to make things more difficult, Tom’s cover image also had to work with the programme’s new format this year. Explains Keith: “Our programme has been printed with a ‘portrait’ shaped design for years. We asked designer John Tromans to do a mock-up in a ‘landscape’ format and we think it makes the programme look more spacious and easier to read. We’re delighted with the outcome.”

Can't wait to see it? While you can of course see all our events building up on the Fringe website, the printed programme is due out at the beginning of June and will be launched officially and in style at a party at The Green Man Gallery on the evening of June 3rd. All welcome, so please come and raise a glass with us. Who knows, we might even take your photo!

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