Thursday 9 January 2014

You may say I'm a dreamer...

As TS Eliot recognised, ‘between the idea and the reality… falls the shadow’ and for would-be Fringe performers there is often a big difference between dreaming up something really exciting to do in July and actually taking all the steps necessary to make that happen.
But before we get all sensible on you and start offering advice, just for a moment imagine a situation where you simply didn’t need to think about budget, health and safety, insurance or sheer logistics!  Fringe Arts Bath has got us thinking this way after announcing their Water Monument touring exhibition which will show selected entries for a fantasy public artwork commission. The idea is to satirise the lack of funding the public and art sectors but also to set creative imaginations free.  With any luck the exhibition will be in Buxton during our Fringe but in the meantime, Fringe Arts Bath is looking for artists to tender for their fantasy public art commission initiated by Nomoneyforart Town Council to celebrate the significance of water to the fictional town. Very apt for Buxton as it happens and, stranger things have happened, maybe it will inspire something real!  Artists are invited to submit a brief outline of their Water Monument idea including sketches plus a CV and examples of recent work by March 16th. Check out for further information.
Too surreal? ‘Vive la difference’ we say but for those of you pursuing your own ideas of putting on a show or event at the Fringe, keep focused and make the most of a wealth of guidance on the Fringe website.  The comprehensive entrants’ info section also includes handy links to Venues (including managed venues) and topics such as How to Grow Your Audience. We know past entrants will have their own tips so do get in touch if there are things you think we should be telling people about.
The entry pricing structure means there are some galvanising Fringe deadlines to work towards – if you want to enter for just £45 you will need to have all your details sorted and to have entered them all online by the end of February. There is no-one to email – you just follow the Fringe website’s online entry procedure with its easy Paypal payment method.  Remember, though changes can be made up until the final deadline, it is so much better for us, the punters and yourselves to get everything right from the outset! If there are gaps in your entry, you are probably better waiting till the next deadline.
We are excited by the entries up there already – keep ‘em coming!

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