Friday, 10 January 2014

Nerds & Canal Boats

We're always happy to see Fringe performers spreading their wings. Two notable events that might interest you to report.

At Fringe 2012 and 2013 Helen Arney charmed and delighted with her songs, science and storytelling. She is on tour with a couple of mates this spring. For Buxtonians you can catch-up with them in Derby, at the Lowry or in Nottingham. (Also Sheffield and Leeds in you're willing to cross the Pennines). Here's what Helen says: 
Just wanted to let you know I'm heading your way on tour this year, with our new Festival of the Spoken Nerd show - "Full Frontal Nerdity" - yes, we can't resist a geeky pun. 
It's the show we did at the Edinburgh Fringe last year and now we're taking it around the country. It's our biggest, most ambitious tour, and we don't just mean the size of our flame tornado... We electrocute an innocent pickle, smash a glass with just the power of the human voice (plus a heavy duty amplifier) and do things with spreadsheets you've almost certainly never seen before in your life. We've also just realised there are more than 10,000 tickets on sale across 27 venues. If you could help us fill one of those seats with yourself, or even fill a whole row by "Spreading the Nerd" near you, we'd be very grateful.   
There's a full tour schedule with tickets links and facebook events here, and the usual press release blurb below to make it easy to pass on to friends and colleagues. Our good friend Colin Wright has even made a postcode checker so you can find your nearest venue - in full glorious HTML!

At Fringe 2012 one of the top musical performances came from Hat Fitz and Cara - an Australian/Irish duo playing and singing rootsy blues and folk with passion and verve. They are playing at the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival which runs from 13-15 June. There are many free events and it is a lovely, relaxed weekend. Here's hoping Hat Fitz and Cara are touring and will be in Buxton sometime over the summer.


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