Friday 17 January 2014

Buxton - The Tuscany of the North

Spent an interesting afternoon yesterday at the launch of the town’s new promotional video and a new national TV ad about the Peak District.

The sunny, two-minute video, including Nick Robinson from the BBC describing Buxton as ‘the Tuscany of the North’, certainly makes the town look exciting and a hint of Military Tattoo plus a closing shot of music on the Pump Room Roof offer a nod towards some of the diverse entertainment offered by the Fringe last year.

We also saw the launch of a new national TV ad aimed at bringing people into the Peak District even when it is not summer! While the closest it got to Buxton was a very deliberately placed bottle of Buxton Water, this was again an inspiring bit of film that made the most of our stunning countryside and even managed to make some of the local trains look quaint.

The town video plus a new Buxton logo designed by the Fringe’s own programme designer, Eric Tilley, have come about in large part thanks to the efforts of Vision Buxton’s Marketing Group, now a year old. Thanks to chairs Liz Mackenzie and Sally Potter for attracting representatives from the town’s major stakeholders in a group that endeavours to make the most of Buxton’s many assets.

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