Saturday 9 February 2013

Hotting Up (but take care on the ice)

Things are hotting up on the Buxton Fringe Front - even if more heavy snow is coming our way tomorrow.
We're now up to 13 entries for Fringe 2013 - which compares very well with this date in previous years.
Among the latest batch to arrive are three shows mounted at the Buxton Museum - one of the jewels in Derbyshire County Council's crown. As is usual the Derbyshire Open will occupy the main gallery at the museum - with around 100 pieces submitted by artists from all around the county and selected by an expert panel. This is always a varied and interesting exhibition with some outstanding work featured.

There will also be two solo exhibitions: Sue Prince draws on a Swedish folk art tradition and her exhibition, "Painted Tales", is made up of works of narrative with words as important as images. They are tales told through traditional techniques, recording events and beliefs. Bonad painting echoes folk art through time from Egyptian tomb paintings to the Bayeux Tapestry. 

Tony Hall's exhibition, "From Life" consists of drawings of familiar things: a person, some flowers, a jacket. Drawings are made in a single sitting, sometimes with pencil and paper, sometimes on printing plates, sometimes digitally. He aims to make as direct a connection as possible between what is seen and what is drawn. 

Finally, for now, we can confirm some exciting news about a brand new Fringe venue for 2013 - and what a special opportunity it is! Trevor Osborne of Crescent development fame has long been an enthusiastic Fringe supporter. Now he is offering musicians a chance to perform on the roof of The Pump Room opposite the Crescent and he’s even offering a performance fee (to be negotiated). For full details and contact info see our venues page The Pump Room is venue Number 84. Get in quickly as we think performers will bite Trevor’s hand off! Musicians may also pass round a hat to their audience on The Slopes.

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