Wednesday 13 February 2013

February Roundup

Here's your monthly roundup of some Fringe news and gossip following the monthly committee meeting.

First thing to make sure everyone is aware of is the Buxton Spring Fair happening on Monday May 6th from 10.00am-5.00pm. This has nothing to do with the Fringe as such - but we'll be there with a stall, bags, badges, flyers and whatever else. The Buxton Town Team is working really hard to generate energy and excitement around the town and this will be an ideal start. There will be live music, street performers - everyone will be out celebrating life in this fabulous town. 

Last year some really nice people - led by Mo El-Fatih - filmed some of the Fringe. The result is a lovely film with a gorgeous jazz soundtrack by the Stop Motion Trio - the film will be on the Fringe website soon. watch out for it and spread the word - it will make you proud. If you happen to be at Buxton Film screenings in the near future chances are you'll see the film there too.

Plans are going ahead for a launch event for the Fringe 2013 programme. It will be back from the printers at the beginning of June. Tentatively the public launch will be at The Green Man Gallery on Friday June 7th - with wine and cheese. Confirmation as soon as we have it - but you're all invited!

A couple of years ago we were involved in a project with some local schools to make the big orange fringe that adorns the bandstand on Fringe Sunday (which, incidentally, will be on July 7th - 2.00-4.30pm this year). Next month local artist Gaye Chorlton will be leading some sewing workshops with four schools. Look out for news and reports in the Buxton Advertiser in March.

We now have 15 entries for this year's Fringe - which must mean that there are about 150 more still to come. So check the Programme page on the website regularly to see what is happening. If you're planning to enter do remember that it is cheaper to enter in February - and you get more exposure. So just two weeks left to take advantage of that!

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