Tuesday 26 February 2013

End of February Nigh! - Rush of Entries

The last day of February is this Thursday - so the best deals for entering the Fringe are nearly over. Right now entrants pay £45 to join the fun - from March the price rises to £65, with a further increase to £80 for April entrants.
Recognsing that, we've had a small rush of new entries from those keen to get maximum exposure at least cost - and right now there are 34 events confirmed for Fringe 2013 (and a couple more are in the pipeline).

A couple of events at the Old Clubhouse catch the eye.

On Thursday July 11th Fuzzy Felt Worlds are playing. Now if you're from Buxton you might have heard The Chimney Potts - well FFW is the same band by another name. We have suggested that keep changing your name isn't a great idea - unless you are Radiohead or similar - but these are headstrong and youthful musicians we are dealing with here. Anyway a mixed bag of pop songs and tunes can be expected. Certainly some Beatles; maybe some Hendrix. Plenty to dance to for sure. Matt and Nick will be joined by some guests. Starting at 9pm it will be fun.

On Saturday the 20th of July there will be a full evening of engaging performances when two nationally acclaimed & charismatic singer/songwriters bring 30 years of music industry experience to a "song swap". Reg Meuross and Henry Priestman (former writer with The Christians) will take turns to play their songs, possibly join together on some and generate impromptu musical magic!!!

We'll try and keep you posted with what's new and happening - but first let's process the entries!

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