Tuesday 6 July 2021

Snapshot Stories: Local Lockdown Project comes to the Fringe

‘Live & Local: LivingRoom’ was launched in early summer 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic when the UK was subject to lockdown. Created and managed by Live & Local, the project aimed to connect communities during this difficult time by pairing local community groups with professional artists to work on a creative project together. 

The community of Meon Vale (near Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire) was paired with spoken word artist Naomi Paul to create a collaborative film celebrating this new community’s sense of place, recent history and the importance of the environment during first lockdown period. 

‘Snapshot Stories’ was entirely filmed and recorded by members of the community, with poetry and music by both Naomi (based on interviews with residents) and residents. It features an entertaining ode to the village shop and a musical call to arms with a protest song ‘The Promise of the Woods’ as the community prepares to fight and save a well-loved area of land which is under threat from development. 

In December 2020, following a very active and public residents’ campaign, the community in Meon Vale learned that the development plans for the woodland had been withdrawn and that the woods would be safeguarded for the community. 

This spring the film was shown online at the Brighton Festival Fringe with the SpaceUK. It is now being shown online at Buxton Festival Fringe and is available for free viewing throughout the festival period 7-25th July. 

Find ‘Snapshot Stories’ in the film section here.

Donations to the Meon Vale Residents Association to support the community can be made here tinyurl.com/Mvragofundme

Participants’ comments include:
  • ‘The final outcome is a wonderful piece of work, and like all good artwork, I keep returning to it and thinking.’
  • ‘It’s acted as a catalyst to make new friends on the estate.’
  • ‘It’s brilliant. Well done to you. I am happy to have been a part of it.’

Audience members’ comments include:
  • ‘I loved it - words, music, poetry. It really captured the essence of that slice of lockdown and the importance of woodland to our well- being.’
  • ‘Brilliant and very moving. Enhanced by the beautiful photography and the community voices in the background.’
  • ‘You have drawn together the statements so poetically. And your delivery and the photography is wonderful. Congratulations to all involved.’
Dionne Sambrook, Community Engagement Officer, Live & Local said, "The creative works produced by the community group and artist pairings through the LivingRoom projects have been utterly uplifting and inspiring. In many cases, the process has led to new relationships, new opportunities for learning and a lasting legacy for the communities involved."

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