Tuesday 20 July 2021

Fringe 10 to 5 how's it going?

Darren Poyzer

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the makeover we were giving Fringe at 5, which has now been transformed into Fringe 10 to 5. 

Luckily our call for performers and local artists has proved popular and visitors to Pavilion Gardens have been saved from my out of tune croaking.

I caught up with a couple of the buskers to find out what they thought of the new format.

Fringe regular Darren Poyzer was quick off the mark to book a slot; he tweeted me within hours of the blog being posted!

Darren explained that owing to Covid he would be performing his show online again this year. He really liked the idea of doing a busking session to promote his show.  Darren set up on a sunny Friday afternoon and was soon surrounded by a (socially distanced) foot-tapping crowd. "Its great to be performing live again"  and "What a wonderful welcome!", Darren told the audience, before thanking them in song for "the gift of their precious time".

In contrast, Nik Lowe stumbled onto the Busking Spot by pure chance.
Nik Lowe

Nik who's Mum was orginally from Buxton was visiting the town with his girlfriend Jo. As an event singer and songwriter, Nik always has his guitar with him. Given the nice weather he though he'd set up in front of the cafe and entertain the customers. He was quickly signed up to the ""official" Busking Spot by Fringe volunteer Sandra.  "I really love Buxton; it's such an attractive town. We used to visit a lot when I was kid", Nik told me. "The crowd are really lovely and the Fringe Festival is a great event".

The Busking Spot is right by the Fringe desk and volunteers have seen artists performing poetry, theatre, magic, classical and popular music.  Tommy Cooper even stopped by one day.  "It's a great way to promote your act and get people's attention", said desk manager Gaye. "And of course the new hours match the opening time of the Cafe and Gin Garden so you can be sure of an audience", she added.

And with another week of the Fringe to go and the sun set to shine, there's still plenty of time to grab a slot and add to the party atmosphere.

To book your slot call into our friendly Fringe desk at the Pavilion Gardens or email fringedesk@buxtonfringe.org.uk


Buxton Fringe

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