Saturday 8 July 2017

Heard the one about the carrot, the soldier and the zombie?

The Carrot Nappers add fun on the carnival float

At the end of a perfect Carnival day, it feels as if the Lord of Misrule took a particular interest in the Fringe float - why else would we be visited by a giant carrot, a First World War soldier and a zombie? 

Maybe it was the sunshine, but this was probably the best performer involvement we have ever had so thank you Carrot Nappers, Luna C (producer of soldiers, monks and kings), Zombie Teacher and zombie child. We were also delighted to welcome improv comedian Mike Raffone from Brain Rinse, who nearly passed out with unexpected Buxton sunstroke, Shakespeare's Jukebox and the dapper Close Enough crowd, who wowed the float with their melodious barbershop singing. 

The fact that we were also joined by some lovely French lads in dresses is by the by. Suffice to say that it all added to the magic of an occasion that saw crowds of onlookers lining the streets, spontaneous African dancing (by the French boys), and orange Fringe balloons just about everywhere.

Without our trusty truck, none of this would be possible so thank you Lomas and a big thanks too to all our volunteers who donned orange T-shirts or fancy dress and blew up endless balloons,climbed up ladders, took photos and put up with me barking orders at them.

After a restorative glass of wine I was out again enjoying Whispering Woods' storytelling and acrobatics in the golden light of Grinlow Woods on a summer evening. What a fabulous day. Why not join in the fun and let us know what you've been seeing and doing at Buxton's biggest ever Fringe? We'd also love to see your pictures!

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