Thursday 14 May 2015

Another box ticked.

Well that election business was more straightforward than most of us had supposed it would be. 259 weeks until the next dose of political swings and roundabouts.

Back to the Buxton Fringe,though. Today was a big day for us, we saw the printer's final proofs for our 52-page full-colour programme and signed it off. 18,000 programmes on recycled paper expected before the end of May. We'll be working hard to get them out to as many distribution points as we can from then on. We have hundreds of places to deliver to - if you think you might be able to help on that task please let us know. We always welcome help!

You may have read already that we have 171 separate events planned for the 19 days of the Fringe. In the last Blog post we identified some of the options available to you on Day 1 - Wednesday, July 8th. On Day 2 there are many further choices to make. Here are some possibilities that offer a varied day's entertainment and stimulation.

High Peak Community Arts runs a number of projects - one of which is Project eARTh. Some of the work resulting from the Project will be unveiled in the Pavilion Gardens Conservatory on Thursday July 9th. Caroline Chouler-Tissier has been working with many young artists and we look forward to seeing the results throughout the Fringe.

You could then nip to the Museum to hear Jim MacCool's Parliament of Fowls. Now this is free and a one-off. So that makes attendance pretty much mandatory - what is there to lose? This is a brand-new version of Geoffrey Chaucer's parable dream vision of a woman's right to choose NOT to choose, Jim's rhyme royal brings the poem into the present day whilst preserving its St Valentine's Day charm, with music to suit.

For some of us 1984 seems just 5 minutes ago: so a show called 2084 is just around the corner. 2084 is a brand new show featuring original songs by Steve Roberts and Matt Hill. A song cycle set in the future where your every thought, movement and word are under surveillance. The world premiere is in Buxton at 5.15pm at Underground Venues.

Stay in Underground Venues for comedy at 7pm with Sajeela Kershi and her new show Shallow Halal. Sajeela has been on the comedy circuit for 2006 - but we think this is her first appearance in Buxton. She describes herself and this show in these terms: a Muslim agnostic Sajeela is sitting on the faith fence. She's fed up with the fanatic atheists and the religious fundamentalists who try to tell her how she should feel and behave. We think this is a show to catch.
Stick at Underground for some theatre to round-off the evening. Lilly Posnett has reworked the Cinderella story and tells it from the point of view of the Ugly Sisters (8.45 - 9.30pm) and Together in Electric Dreams (10-11pm) invites you to listen in to a dinner party with Sir Clive Sinclair and Lord Alan Sugar. Set is 1986 this is described as a comedy drama and was well-received when it premiered in 2012. We welcome this revival which is touring the north-west this summer.

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