Friday 4 July 2014

32 Visions of Buxton Fringe

Things get a bit Blue Peter at this time of year. This weekend will see some serious laminating (sorry, sticky backed plasticking) of venue number signs, and this week I have been mostly sticking pieces of A4 paper onto A4 card. To elaborate, the Green Man Gallery have had the lovely idea of doing a window display of all the entries from our briefing to third year illustration students from the University of Derby to design artwork for the 2014 Fringe programme cover and flyer. So that’s why I have been using a small stick of glue, various makes of which are available, to fix the designs onto handy card. Various makes of card are available but get this for recycling, I’ve been using old Fringe award nomination certificates backed onto each other!

Anyway… we love the design we chose for the programme, which is now on display all round the town and beyond, but it is also great to be able to show off all the other entries, 32 in total. And I love their different visions of the Fringe, ranging from futuristic to retro and joyous to slightly sinister – well we do have vampires in the cave this year...

So don’t forget to have a look at the Green Man’s windows once the Fringe starts and admire all that talent (there are also some great exhibitions within the gallery). Helen McIvor was our winner with her sunny depiction of Fringe Sunday. Hear her talking to Radio Derby about her experience Runners up were (in no order), Jonathan Grey, M Robinson and Linda Scholes. Linda’s design ended up being used on our Fringe at Five poster. We are very grateful to all the students and course leader Richard Levesley for taking part and to Fringe designer Eric Tilley who oversaw the project. Mustn’t forget either that this is another example of the great partnership we have with Fringe sponsor the University of Derby.

What’s your vision of the Fringe? If you send us artwork or photos, we’d love to display them on our website.

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