Tuesday 8 April 2014

All ye who enter here...

We had an interesting conversation the other day at Fringe Towers about the phrase ‘to enter’ as in ‘we hope you enter the Fringe’.

It’s one of those phrases that means a lot to us but possibly not so much to outsiders. Anyway chances are that if you are reading this you are used to our funny little ways and know that what we are trying to say is that the Fringe is open to all and anyone can enter/take part/put on a show/put on an event/participate (delete according to your preference).

We are really thrilled with our 112 ‘entries’ so far with exciting recent additions including the Dotdotdot Flamenco Company, award-winning poet Mark Gwynne Jones and Anna Beecher’s Hans My Hedgehog, a story about being different aimed at families. Also can’t wait for the return of magicians Morgan and West, The Off-Off-Off Broadway Company with Back Door, based on Hitchcock’s Rear Window and set in 1920s’ Paris, and the ever-popular Barrel of Laughs comedy nights - just a few of the highlights at Underground Venues.

But back to that phrase – if ‘enter’ makes us sound like a competition, then that’s definitely wrong. If it makes us sound like a wonderful new kingdom (or queendom) then that’s not far off the truth with some magical new events including the Grinlow Art and Storytelling Trail through Buxton’s beautiful woods behind Poole’s Cavern.

You don’t have to be a performer to ‘enter’ into the spirit of it. For a start there are a whole load of shows and events that are absolutely free! Check out http://www.buxtonfringe.org.uk/descriptionsFree2014.html to see them all at a glance.

Then there are all those shows that rely on some audience participation whether it’s Buxton Drama League’s brand new Panto Capers Workshop or enjoying children’s activities as part of Paula Hobdey’s family-friendly new exhibition of acrylic paintings at her home.

There are so many ways to join in the fun – come along to Fringe Sunday in the Pavilion Gardens on July 13 or help us with our carnival float on July 12. From July 14 you can see our Fringe buskers doing their stuff at the Bandstand from 5pm in our newest bit of fun, Fringe at Five.

You can enter into things by becoming a Fringe venue, a Fringe supporter or a Fringe volunteer. You can become a Fringe committee member or offer a room in your house as accommodation for Fringe performers.

Best of all you can help us party. Watch this space for news of the official launch of our Fringe programme at Buxton’s Green Man Gallery on June 6 – free entry for all!

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