Wednesday 2 April 2014

111 Not Out

The end-of-March deadline for lower-priced Fringe entries brought the expected rush with nearly 40 entries arriving in the space of 48 hours.
This takes the  current Buxton Festival Fringe 2014 score to 111 entries. If we were Australian cricketers this might cause us some anxiety - but we aren't and so we're not [anxious].
With just 18 days to go before we close for entries (if you want to be included in the glossy, full-colour programme that is) more frenzied activity is likely in about two weeks time.
Meanwhile spend some time identifying the shows and events that you will be on your 'must see' list for July. I usually end up seeing 30+ shows and events and here are a few that I'll try to include.

Near the top of my list will be hearing Will Hawthorne singing The Kinks' Arthur album. Now the Kinks are one of my favourite bands and Arthur is an album that I treasure especially. So, Will, don't mess this up! [I've every confidence in Will - he's great].

Tony Earnshaw has a political play coming up called The Speech. I graduated in 1975 and Tony was on the same course. I haven't seen him since - so I'm bound to want to see this.

Other drama includes Rob Johnston's play about scientist Rosalind Franklin - this is at The Old Clubhouse early doors as they say - 9-11 July. Make sure you are awake and alert. You'll need to be even more wakeful to catch Jim MacCool's My Uncle Donald and other [Hebridean] island rambles. It is on Day 1 (9th July) at 1-2pm at Scrivener's Bookshop. A small space and the reading is Free.

Those of us that have been watching the toe-curling W1A on BBC will have seen the silent and perplexed Max and Ivan in programming meetings. Less silent, and perhaps perplexing, Morgan & West will be part of the comedy 'offer' at this year's Fringe. [Also at the Bollington Festival I do believe].

The dance programme this year is to be enhanced by the Dotdotdot Flamenco Company. Always a sucker for that stuff.

Finally, for now, there looks to be a lovely show in the For Families section - The Theo The Mouse Show is at the United Reformed Church from 24-27 July.

The enormous High Peak Orchestra are in the Fringe. Before then they are in Buxton this coming Saturday at the Methodist Church. A mere £7 for a programme including Schubert 8 and Bruch 3. Proceeds to Blythe House Hospice.

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