Sunday 9 February 2014

Underground running as normal

I gather from friends in London that the tube is subject to some disruptions. Sorry about that but generally speaking this blog takes the side of trade unions in any industrial action. If that bothers you - well apologies again. Anyway our main concern right now was to establish that Buxton's own Underground will be running as normal come July.

It has become something of a standing joke that 'this year' (any year from about 2010 onward) would be the final year for Underground Venues in the Pauper's Pit. Planned re-developments of Buxton's magnificent Crescent will eventually see the closure of the Pauper's Pit as a theatre and cinema for good.

There have been some delays to the Crescent redevelopment - but that project is now back on track and the newly refurbished luxury Spa Hotel may now open in mid-2016. This probably does mean that Fringe 2014 will really be the 9th and final outing for Underground Venues as we know it. [Though don't start packing away yet guys - 2015 could yet happen].

Close on half the Fringe events will take place in the three spaces operated by Underground Venues - the Barrel Room and The Pit itself (both in the Old Hall Hotel) and in the Pavilion Arts Centre Studio (which is behind the Opera House). Underground Venues is now open for booking for Buxton Fringe 2014. 

The team that manages Buxton also works at the Oxford Fringe which takes place from 24 May - 8 June. If you want to perform there you'd better check out the website and apply - you've got until the end of the month.

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