Friday 28 February 2014

Spring weather and green shoots - no jokes

The end of February deadline (for lowest price entry of events to the Buxton Fringe) and the fine weather has combined to produce a sudden and prodigious growth in Buxton Fringe 2014.

Up to 40+ entries now, with 10 hours yet till the midnight deadline.
Make sure to take a regular look at the Fringe website to keep up with all the entries. [Though as one person has asked us - "Where is the comedy?" Must be something about comedians but there will be a late surge in that category no doubt.]

After the weekend we'll try and digest what Fringe 2014 currently has to offer and provide you with summaries of different categories and venues so far. With some degree of certainty we know about a version of The Railway Children (with one child), splendid jazz in the Methodist Church and a film/video installation in Poole's Cavern.

A brief message to any entrants reading this: check out Fringe At Five - a chance for you to do a bit of busking in the Pavilion Gardens by the Bandstand. Book your place now before another 100 entrants arrive. Finally, send us your news about your shows and we'll put it on the Blog - or you can put it directly on our Facebook site. As the Fringe gets bigger it is all the more important that you get bold publicity out to potential audiences.

But back to processing the entries!

Buxton Fringe

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